Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker sent a message across the state border, into Minnesota on a piece of steel destined to become part of the new Vikings stadium. During a campaign visit to a factory in West Salem, Wisconsin, Walker wrote "Go Packers" on a beam being made for the new stadium.

While this might seem like something of superstitious lore destined to curse the Vikings, the message has reportedly been erased from the beam. Senior Vice President John Wood of Mortenson Construction told Minnesota Public Radio the message has been erased, however.

The West Salem factory is one of the suppliers to the main steel fabricator for the project, LeJeune Steel in Minneapolis. Upon the arrival of the beam to Minnesota, the message was removed with a power grinder by crews. Walker bragged about his "contribution" to the new $1 billion stadium during another campaign stop in Schofield, WI last friday. The new stadium is slated to open in time for the 2016 season and will also serve as the host location for the 2018 Super Bowl.