The City of Princeton Minnesota has jumped on the bandwagon suing the manufacturers of flushable wet wipes that have wreaked havoc on their sewer system.

The Princeton City council met in June and decided to join the city of Wyoming Minnesota to force the manufacturers of these products to change the way they are made. Claiming that even though they say flushable they are harming municipal water systems.

The wipes allegedly get caught in the sewage filtering screens and are clogging pipes which then have to be removed manually. Obviously this is a source of concern and a possible health risk for workers who have to remove them. Plus If you have a septic system on your property, it can cost thousands of dollars in repairs to your septic system if it backs up.

Living in Duluth we have had sewer issues with out using those wipes and have never dared tried flushing those down our toilet in our house. According to the lawsuit brought on by the city of Wyoming Minnesota  these wipes do not break down like toilet paper does, which is causing all the problems. They are hoping that with this lawsuit the companies that make these products will change the wording to not include flushable, and to educate the public about the harm it can cause.