I am constantly going to Urban Dictionary whenever I hear a new term to see what it really means. Randomly I decided to look up our beautiful city of Duluth, oh geez. 

Here are some of the highlights of what some people think of the Twin Ports:



"A Cold ass town on a hill where you can't get lost. All you have to do is pop the clutch and let the car coast and you'll find your way to Lake Superior. The two major Duluthian past times are Getting Drunk and Getting Frostbite."

"On a scale of 1 to useless, Duluth ranks about a 'Pauli Shore.'"

"Duluth is(and has been for as long as anyone can remember), divided into an East and West. As in most instances, the East is for the educated, well-mannered, upperclass and upper-middleclass folk (although recently extending to some middle-middleclass citizens), while the West is reserved for the rest. As in most scenarios, if you were brought up in the West,it will be difficult to get out, unless you're in jail."

"Staying Safe in duluth is easy. About every 5 years, someone gets their car stolen, 75% of the gun owners live out in the boonies, and because of the extreme cold, STDs don't make it through the winter (but don't mark my word on that). Your biggest danger in Duluth is all of the God-damned deer. You'll swear the f**ker came out of nowhere."

"A city with 1 ghetto school 2 rich schools a cool downtown
cool places ..and around 3 or 4 stoners--Duluth"

Oofta, not what I was expecting. What do you think? Does our city really compare to Pauly Shore? Also, not the best grammar from these users. Let me know what you think in the comments below and you can see all the other definitions here.