I nearly skipped by this video, but as I was scrolling by I noticed my daughter's name, Rose, in the group of names listed so I stopped and watched it. And I suggest you do the same as it's interesting to see the evolution of girl names from 1880 - 2013 in America.

About half way through the video you'll notice a switch at the number one position when Linda beat Mary in 1947, where it had been the dominant number one for years.

It is fascinating to see how much pop culture and news events play in the naming of our children in America, and you'll see those facts presented in this video, for instance when the film 'The Matrix' was released, it jolted the name Trinity to as high as 48th on the list.

Do you see you or your daughter's name(s) on this list? How much has its popularity changed over the years? Share in the comments below.

Watch The Evolution of US Girl Names