This weekend Brett Farve will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and his locker in Canton, OH is already on display with a Packers jersey and a Vikings jersey. It may look as if Farve did this because the two teams are huge rivals and he's a savage, however the Hall of Fame chooses the memorabilia that goes in each locker. Should Packer fans be upset? I don't think so, Farve broke some records while wearing the purple and gold and I think it's fair that both jersey's made the cut. Am I saying this because I'm a Vikings fan? Absolutely. Let me know what you think in the comments below, should there just be a Packer jersey in the locker? I'm also curious why they didn't add a Vikings helmet. That would have a been a nice touch. Also, you have to love the Vikings response to ESPN's tweet. Simple and sweet, your move Green Bay.