If you're thinking about making the journey to the annual Great Minnesota Get-Together, you will want to bring a few extra dollars with you. While the increases in price aren't drastic, it is certainly something to be aware of, being they impact admission, parking, and the midway.

The ticket price increases are effective on sales at the gate. Regular adult tickets will go up $1, costing you a total of $13 for this year. Tickets for children and seniors will also go up $1, making for an $11 admission cost for the younger and older audiences. For folks looking to save a little money, advanced tickets are available between now and August 20 for $10, which is up from the $9 they were last year.

Parking costs for the fair will also go up by a dollar, going from $12 to $13 this year. Midway and Kidway tickets are also going up, with adjustments in price and sheet ticket count. Last year, sheets of 28 tickets cost $20, while this year sheets of 30 will cost $25. This is an increase of about 12 cents per ticket. Individual tickets will go from $0.75 to $1 this year.

State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer says the increased costs are being put in place to cover the ever-climbing operating costs of the fair to keep the event "the Great Minnesota Get Together and not the Pretty Good Minnesota Get Together". While the increases will lead to individuals and families having to shell out a little more to enjoy the fair, Hammer points out that regular admission prices haven't increased in some time, and it still remains a great deal. According to Hammer, it actually costs around $18 per person in operating costs in order to cover the free things about the fair we all enjoy, such as free entertainment, bus service, sanitation services, and public safety.