With two little ankle biter dogs in our house it can sure seem like a circus at times. Yes they tend to get a little wound up, but thankfully they have each other to chase and wrestle with, to burn off some excess energy.

For anybody who owns a dog, big or small sometimes you can't help but shake your head at some of the weird things that they do, but now here is a list of ten of these explained. Our dogs do almost all of these, so I guess I just have to let it ride since most of these are just part of the makeup of being a dog. I have compiled a few from the list:

1.) Licks You:

His/Her licks are actually a sign of affection, and in the case of our Chihuahua it is a way to get some tastes of any food left on your hands. Yes it can be cute, but sometimes enough is enough.

2.) Cocks His/Her Head:

This is my absolute favorite thing in the world...sooo cute. Behaviorists guess dogs do this to possibly try and understand what is being said with words like walk or treat which is a reward. Also they may be doing it to hear you better.

3.) Walks in Circles:

Yep every time, I am surprised that our new rug does not have a hole in it. I have heard this one before about a nesting type behavior from when dogs were out in the wild.

4.) Thrashes His/Her Toys:

We go through a ton of plush toys because they get trashed within a day. Even toys for big dogs..... they may be little, but their teeth are still sharp. This again comes from their ancestors who thrashed their food to kill it. Thankfully with domestic dogs it is in a playful manner.

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