A man who tried to elude the Duluth Police Department made quit the error in judgement as he decided to try and escape via Lake Superior.

According the the  Duluth Police Facebook Page the male suspect was seen in a domestic assault incident in a parking lot Saturday night in Canal Park. The officer approached the man and told him he is under arrest for domestic assault, when the suspect took off running towards the Lakewalk.

Another Duluth P.D. officer stopped the male and told him he was under arrest, when the suspect climbed over the rocks on the Lakewalk and jumped into the lake and waded around in waist deep water. The Duluth Police Officers did not proceed into the water, but observed the man until he decided to come to shore after about 15 minutes and he was arrested.

So many things running through my mind after seeing this article, and a good lesson for anybody out there that running from the Police is never a good idea. Plus, where the heck are you gonna go jumping into the biggest lake in the world? Wow, just wow.