Woman Does Weirdest Excercise Ever [VIDEO]
Let me start by saying that I am incredibly lazy and would have to scrub the dust off my gym membership key card, but sometimes the stuff you see at the gym makes you just shake your head. This video is no exception.
Chair Dancing Goes To The Next Level
When my Mom lived in Arizona and I would go out to visit her, she and a group of her friends would meet every morning in the pool for water aerobics. As I would lay out in the sun, my Mom would say to me "Come Join Us!" I passed, it was very funny to watch, but they loved it .  Watching th…
Working Out and Staying Motivated
Now that the warmer weather is approaching...hopefully.... I am trying to keep up my pace with trying to work out at least every other day. Boy I will tell you what, you really know how out of shape you are when you tackle a stair climber or elliptical machine...