The Best College Commencement Ever! [VIDEO]
The University of Wisconsin Madison holds a special place it my heart, Madison itself is a great city and I am a huge Badgers Fan, and I Love the marching band, so when I saw this it put a stamp on it that I should have gone to college there!
Spelling Error Found On High School Diplomas!
Congratulations graduates, the class of 2012. Looking back on all your accomplishments over the last 4 years, we know that your parents must be so proud. Oh, hold up! Give those diplomas back we spelled the word program wrong!
Justin Biebers Graduation Ceremony [VIDEO]
Poor Justin Bieber, he has Fame, Fortune, and lot's of Talent. But he has had to be home schooled the last few years with his meteoric rise to Fame. Not that their is anything wrong with being taught by a private tutor, but of course he was not able to attend a normal graduation ceremony.
Student Takes First Steps At Graduation [VIDEO]
Angeline Lavasseur didn't want to break the time-honored tradition of graduates walking to get their diplomas at graduation.
The 18-year-old girl, who has been confined to a wheelchair throughout her childhood after being born with spina bifida, recently walked across the stage to pick up her di…

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