See Rihanna’s Nude Fragrance Ad
Want to see Rihanna's nude fragrance ad? And no, it's not like that. While RiRi is fond of showing skin at any and all times (dinner, nights on the town, videos, while shopping), the singer isn't nakey nakes in the ad for her newest fragrance Nude. She's actually draped in swaths…
Lady GaGa Releases Trailer For Her New Perfume [VIDEO]
Lady GaGa spares no expense when it comes to her wardrobe, videos and tour, so why would the ad for her new perfume be any different? Of course it has a dark sinister theme, and why not? I am dying to know what it smells like? Meat dress anyone? Ick.
Lady Gaga to Offer Two Versions of Fame Perfume
Lady Gaga doesn’t do anything on the small scale. Not her songs nor her stage show nor her outfits nor her heels nor her debut perfume. The Mother Monster shared that she will be offering two versions of her first fragrance, dubbed Fame.
What Did Lady Gaga Name Her Perfume?
Lady Gaga‘s perfume has a name. Finally.
The scent is called ‘Fame,’ which is to be expected, since that’s the name of the album that put the Mother Monster on the map. Samples of the scent have been shipped to certain publications so they can include coverage of the perfume in their editorial. Those…
Justin Bieber’s Perfume Makes $3 Million In Less Than A Month
I guess when your fan base is 99.99999999999999999% female, a cologne for men would be a BAD idea.
America's favorite "Baby" faced hit maker is enjoying the $weet $mell of $uccess - the first woman's fragrance from Bieber has wafted past $3 million, which is less than a mo…