The Fresh Pup of Bel-Air [VIDEO]
Mostly everyone I know can recite the theme song from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, one of my favorite shows of all time, So, it was about time that somebody made a spoof video about the show,
Oh For Cute–Collective Soul Cat [VIDEO]
Cute cat videos take up 86.9% of all internet traffic.
Ok, I just made that up.  But there are quite a few out many that just a few weeks ago there was a film festival in Minneapolis dedicated to our feline friends.  I wasn't much of a cat person until I started hanging out …
Friday, June 22nd Is “Take Your Dog to Work Day”
Friday marks the 14th Annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day."
Created in 1999, "Take Your Dog to Work Day" was started to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies andanimal shelters. This annual event asks pet lovers to celebrate t…
Artist Turns Dead Pet Cat Into Flying Helicopter [VIDEO]
We love our pets.  They become members of our families.  When they pass away we experience the same stages of grief that we would for any other loved one.   Sometimes we bury them in our backyards.  Other times they're taken care of at the vet after they are put down.  …

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