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Awesome Hacks to Make Your Next Roadtrip a Breeze
I miss the old days of road trips, not a care in the world and butterflies in my tummy with anticipation of my final destination. Of course back in the day it was a real adventure with no GPS or cell phones, you would just wing it.
5 Best Day Road Trips From The Duluth Superior Area This Summer
Sometimes you want (or need) a vacation, but it isn't always easy to find time to leave town for more than a day. Here are the five best getaways from the Twin Ports to get out on the open road, crank up some tunes, and recharge your batteries while still being able to be back in your own bed t…
Go on a 5,000-Mile Hitchhiking Trip in Three Minutes [VIDEO]
You’re bound to meet a few interesting people when you take a year-long hitchhiking trip across the country.
Artist, traveler and self-proclaimed ‘lover of people’ Benjamin Jenks met exactly 930 when he and his raised thumb journeyed 5,000 miles from Los Angeles to Maine. Artist that he is, Ben put t…