Seagull Steals a Go-Pro Camera [VIDEO]
Living here in the Twin Ports we can all attest to the fact that the seagulls can be annoying, and at times you are subjected to watch tourists toss them food causing a frenzy. Well this particular bird took the food and then some.
Bird Poops on Anchor During Live Broadcast [VIDEO]
Living in the Twin Ports we are all accustomed to the mess that the seagulls can leave on our cars and us sometimes. This anchorman got nailed by a bird who pooped on him during a broadcast after the San Fransisco Giants won the World Series.The bird must have been a Tigers Fan. :)
Seagulls are Robbing People Blind [VIDEOS]
Tired of being called “rats with wings,” seagulls are finally exacting their revenge by stealing big-ticket items. From video cameras to sports equipment to a whole lotta lunches, watch as seagulls become the animal kingdom's sticky-fingered answer to Lindsay Lohan: