Dog Wants a Kitten [VIDEO]
Everyone who owns a pet is convinced that their dog or cat understands them, and we all wait for a reaction  of some kind. But, If they talked back to us how awesome would that be?
Real Life Love Birds [VIDEO]
Here is your awwwww cute moment of the day. I am scared to death of birds,and  It is a completely unnatural fear, albeit very real . But, thanks to this sticky sweet video I guess I can cross my fear of parrots off the list. :) They say that these birds actually just mimic words they hear, they…
Note to Self, Do Not Eat or Drink While on The Radio
Yeah right, Like that is going to ever happen. But I have to admit I had quite the scare this morning.
Thank you to my temporary on-air co-Hort - Nick , who is filling In for Laura. He was able to keep it together and move the show forward. "Whew"
Jersey Shore Talking Pens
Oh boy, what a great stocking stuffer for the Jersey Shore Fan on your list! Now you can annoy your co-workers or class mates on a daily basis with the profound sayings of 3 of the cast members of Jersey Shore.  Here is just a sample from Mike "The Situation"...
A Collection of Amazing Talking Dogs [VIDEOS]
It turns out some dogs can talk. Of course when they do they sound a lot more like Scooby-Doo than Scrappy-Doo. Inspired by this Valentine's Day collection of pooches telling their owners “I love you,” we’ve found ample YouTube evidence of canines m…