Today Show

Woman Finds Lost Dog on TV
If you are a pet owner, you  may know how it feels to realize that your pet is missing, and it is a horrible sinking feeling.  But, A woman In New York owes the TODAY SHOW for helping find her lost dog.
Girl Who Can Say Words Backwards On The Today Show[VIDEO]
This girl Alyssa is amazing, as I sit back and watch this video it makes me wish that our teenagers could master the language in forward.....ha ha just kidding kids. Well not really . :) Apparently her brain can just flip the word for her, and she is able to pronounce it backwards within seconds...
Kate Hudson Is Engaged
I have always loved Kate Hudson, she seems like she is so down to earth which is rare in Hollywood. And the fact that her Mom is a famous actress too. In case you missed the today show Matt Lauer got the inside scoop!