There Is a Petition for Obama to Nationalize Twinkies
When the US auto industry was in jeopardy four years ago President Obama stepped in with a bailout package. Now it's the American junk food industry that's in peril, with Hostess Brands closing up shop and heading for liquidation, and some want Obama to take an even more drastic step.
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Why Pay Thousands For Twinkies? Here’s The Recipe.
In the wake of the closing of Hostess, many are worried that they won't be able to get Twinkies, and driving the prices of the snack cakes up to absurd degrees on eBay.
Good thing the recipe is easy to find, if you're not made of money.
Save The Hostess Twinkie [Video]
Oh the horror, Hostess company is filing for bankruptcy? I have been very vocal on the air about my love for Hostess Susie Q's and how hard they are to find in the Northland.
In case you don't know, Ttey are 2 chocolate sponge cakes with a cream filling similar to the beloved Twinkie...