2 Brits Discover Wal*mart In L.A.
Things must be awfully dull in cheery old England, because these guys are like kids in a candy store at a Wal*mart in Los Angeles. Don't they know that the bigger the better in the U.S.A.? And, we are all about convenience. Now I have never been to England, and honestly have no desire to go, bu…
Walmart Shoplifter Goes Crazy After Getting Caught in the Act
Stay classy, Walmart shoppers!
Police in Bradenton, Florida arrested a woman last Wednesday after she went loco when a store official stopped her while she tried to leave with a cart of goods she hadn't purchased.
When initially confronted, 22-year-old Myra Mays tried to hit an employee with a bar sto…
Tribute To People Of Walmart [VIDEO]

I have to admit my favorite thing about Walmart is the people watching, but Holy Cow I have never seen a Hot Mess like these people in this video. Hang on, you are in for a bumpy ride.  :)
Florida Woman Gets Fingertip Bitten Off in Walmart Brawl
Clodia Coicour, a 43-year-old Florida Walmart employee, was arrested for aggressive battery on Monday after she allegedly attacked a woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband.
She's been officially charged with "battery with great bodily harm causing permanent disfigureme…