water slides

Homemade Water Slide [VIDEO]
Here in the Twin Ports we have some nice man made pools, The Deeps, Gundies and of course Lake Superior along with all the other smaller lakes. But, this  homemade or should I say altered water slide is awesome!
5 Insane Homemade Backyard Waterslides [VIDEO]
I have often daydreamed about building a waterslide coming out of my second story guest room window into the pool I have about 20 feet away, it would be dangerous as hell and I wouldn't put my worst enemy on it, but it's fun to imagineer it in my head. These pe...
The Ultimate Homemade Water Slides
I think it is fair to say that no matter what your age you have either used a slip-n-slide or at least know what one is. As a kid I have many a grass stained elbow or knee to prove how fast you could go. But, as an adult you may want things even bigger and faster