Taylor Swift is getting serious and public with One Direction boyfriend Harry Styles. But based on her lousy track record and Styles' reputation as a cougar-loving Lothario, how long is this relationship going to last?

Swift ruminates on falling in love, writes songs about falling in love and seems to be obsessed with falling in love in general, which may not bode well for her. She has a tendency to scare off guys that she dates because she puts a lot of undue pressure on them (especially, you know, when they're in high school).

It makes one wonder how genuine each everlasting love connection really is, especially considering her longest relationship hasn't even hit the six-month mark.

What's more, Swift may have started dating Styles before she and Conor Kennedy called it quits -- and cheaters never prosper. (Just ask anyone who's been subjected to one of her oft off-pitch, woman-scorned songs.)

For his part, Styles doesn't fare much better in the romance department. The pair were linked back in the spring briefly before he was snapped smooching a model, and he has a reputation for loving older women, whether or not they're married.

Another potential nail in the coffin? Styles' bandmates may not be too pleased that he's spending pretty much every waking moment with the Stage Five singer.

When she whisked him off to London on her private jet, she left the band behind -- despite there being plenty of room for them -- and Liam Payne actually got injured when the group was mobbed in the airport.

A source told The Daily Mail, “There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor’s luxury jet but he didn’t even suggest they travel together. It’s not really far off from the Yoko situation.”

Then there's that whole fanbase issue. Insiders told Radar Online that Styles' cohorts are terrified Swift will ruin their relatively clean image.

"Harry’s especially loved by the band’s female fans and there is a feeling that by being so open about his relationship with Taylor he will only upset them," a source said. "The boys are praying that when it does come down to it, he ends things amicably with her. Otherwise, they fear there will be hell to pay.”

For the record, by "hell," they mean not only a PR nightmare, but also "another breakup song that sounds like it was written by a 14-year-old who was too angry to focus in pre-algebra class."

Still, don't feel too sorry for Swift. There will always be guys who need a prom date.