For all the teens out there, watch yourself. A new study shows that teens  walking around with I-pods and other electronic devices with their headphones on are more likely than the average adult to be struck by a car.

Of 1,100 teens admitted to the Emergency Room 13 percent of those kids were listening to some kind of a device when the accident happened. On the flip side, they were quicker to recover than adults, and a majority of the injuries were basically bumps and bruises.

We live this on a daily basis at our house with 2 teenagers and one pre-teen constantly parading around with headphones on. We have issued a plea for them not to ride bikes or skateboard with the headphones in, but guarantee as soon as they are outside of view they pop them on.

When I was a kid I was notorious for always being plugged into my disc-man, oh yeah had to listen to C.D.'s not MP3's. I had it so hard back in the day. Yes I bumped into a few things or irritated my parents who were yelling for me and I could not here them, but I also watched where I was going. :)

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