Well, that's refreshing. The Wanted are accepting a lot responsibility for their quasi feud with One Direction. The U.K. bad boys are essentially admitting that they put their feet in their mouths a few times, though they really didn't mean any harm.

Some quick backstory: In a recent interview, Louis was asked about the rivalry and said, "There was one press story where they were bad-mouthing us. I thought maybe that had been twisted. But then there ended up being about ten stories and they’ve been caught on camera doing little things.”

Granted, Louis has also been caught on camera doing "little things." He added, "I just think, ‘If you want to create that rivalry, then let’s do it. We’re not bothered about the friction or the rivalry. But I’m not going to shy away from it because that isn’t the person I am. I don’t think it’s fair to me or any of the lads.”

Phew. So how did the Wanted respond? When asked directly about Louis Tomlinson's allegation that they started it, a few of the boys weren't so diplomatic."I think he's flirting," Max George said, smirking. "I think he likes us. It's playground stuff."

Bandmate Jay McGuiness tried to dissuade his mates from creating any further drama. "Stop it," he griped. He explained, "We haven't met them enough for there to be any sort of actual drama. There's not really any content in what anyone's said, you know? Certainly a lot of it is drama, but I think a lot of it is press generated." Wise man!

Tom Parker chimed in, "I think we initiated it to start with. We brought it on ourselves," he admitted. "But the stuff that we said wasn't like 'you're rubbish'. We felt that we were two different audiences," he explained. "They're for kids like, 10 years old, and we're like 16 to 20s." He motioned to his own face: "Who wants to see this guy on a 10-year-old's wall?"

"I think I said, which annoyed them, they're like the new Jonas Brothers, Max quipped. "But that's really what they are, aren't they? I love the Jonas Brothers, I think they're mint! But I think they got offended by that. I don't know why. I wasn't trying to have a go. We're not even that bothered to be honest."

Here's hoping they all learn to get along -- especially because Jingle Ball is coming!