We have been pretty lucky this winter as far as temperatures and little to no snow up until a few days ago. But, having lived here for over a decade I know all to well how quickly things can change.

I decided to come up with some conversations that you most likely will never hear someone in  Duluth/Superior say during the winter. I hope you get a chuckle out of these, I know I did.

"Oh look, someone is sliding down Lake Avenue sideways that looks like fun!"

" Hard packed snow is my favorite to shovel."

" Alright here comes a plow, now my car will be even easier to dig out!"

" Thirty degrees below zero not including the windchill, aww that's nothing"

" Winter gloves are for babies"

" Oh who cares if they say the ice isn't thick enough, I am still going to  drive my two ton truck onto the lake."

* I must admit that a few people actually probably have said that last one, since you see it on the news all the time of a truck going through the ice.