Mark Zuckerberg is worth $7 billion and he just bought a new very modest house not far from the Facebook headquarters. Granted the guy has plenty of time left to spend his money, but you'd think a young, rich CEO would be livin' large ocean side or something. See more pictures at

Zuckerberg has been conquering the world lately, but the 26-year-old's real estate movements have been fairly constrained. His new place is in the same small Palo Alto neighborhood of College Terrace as his old four-bedroom house, which was put up for rent last month. And while Zuckerberg's former home is a mere seven blocks away, his new digs make commuting to work even easier: It's just down the street from Facebook's headquarters, where Zuckerberg reportedly spends 16 hours a day.

His half-mile move didn't go unnoticed. The Facebook founder's new home was the talk of the neighborhood over the holidays. "Everybody's aware that Zuckerberg moved here," one College Terrace neighbor told us.

via This Is Mark Zuckerberg's New Home.