It never fails, with modern technology many people hunker down after inclement weather and video tape people struggling to get around in their cars. And, in Duluth add the hills, plus snow and you have your basic nightmare.

Having lived in Duluth for well over a decade I have a pretty good idea of what I call my snow emergency routes to get up here to the top of the hill. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but when you have a car in this area in the winter you always need a "Plan B."

I will never forget when I first moved here, it was December and I was in Canal Park, as I am looking up Lake Avenue I asked one of my new coworkers how they get up that hill? Meaning Lake Avenue, she laughed and said in the winter on a wing and prayer, otherwise you can try Mesaba Avenue.

For these poor people in this video who were ping ponging down the street, everyone of us feels your pain, or have had that close call where you were never so happy for your car to come to a stop. Be safe out there, winter is not over yet!