Bronson Pelletier, some guy who wasn't Edward or Jacob in 'Twilight,' was arrested for public intoxication in December after he whipped out his uh, "wolf pack" and peed in the middle of LAX.

At the time he denied that the public urination thing happened, but video, it does not lie.

TMZ (who else?) broke the story a few weeks ago: Pelletier was charged with one count of being drunk in public after he took a whiz in the middle of an LAX terminal. He denied the urination allegations initially, and also said he was set up. Right.

Now, Pelletier's team is changing their tune, saying, "Bronson realizes he has issues, and will be entering a treatment program for addiction in the near future."

The video is pretty amusing, if somewhat disturbing. Pelletier is visibly out of it, stumbling with his eyes glazed over.

An airport employee actually has to hold the guy up while he pees (and pees and pees and pees and damn dude how much DID you drink?) right in front of the airport gate -- but then the cops showed up and dropped Pelletier to the ground without even giving him the chance to shake or zip up.

Left behind was a big puddle that we assume did not sparkle in the sunlight.