As the competition starts to wind down or wind up  depending on your perspective Minnesota native and Twin Cities resident Nicholas David remains a contender.

I love Nicholas right out of the gate with his quirky style and deep soulful voice. Then when I heard he lives in the Twin Cities it was icing on the cake. He is so talented and seems like a genuinely nice guy, but no question he is one of the underdogs on the show.

The winner is out of the judges hands, and his future rides on the votes from fellow Americans to pick the next "Voice." Older then all the other contestants, he still has been able to remain true to his style of music and fashion under the guide of coach Cee-lo.

No matter what happens, hats off to Nicholas for putting it all on the line with his family in tow, to show the true example of what this show is all about, your voice 1st and your style truly an afterthought. I do have to say though that he does look a lot like Floyd Pepper from The Muppet Show, who is a cool dude as well :)