Earlier today (May 10), Keeping Up With the Kardashians mother figure Kris Jenner had her Twitter account hacked, with the prankster announcing to the world she had just "sharted" herself, providing some other gruesome details along the way. The hacker was apparently just one of her kids pulling a pre-Mother's Day prank. The shenanigans got Jeanne and I thinking: If you could hack a celebrity's Twitter account for a day without being caught, what celebrity would you pick and what would you write? Would you pick a celebrity crush and declare their "love" for you? Would you pick a popular celebrity to deliver a message you want to share with their millions of followers? Maybe you want to make a celebrity you dislike squirm as you write something embarrassing about them. Whatever it is, we want to know what you would do!

Jeanne and I will be tackling the subject on tomorrow's  show (Friday, May 11) and we want your feedback! Beside the two of us sharing who we would want to hack and what we would say, we will be reading some comments and taking some calls during Friday's show, so be sure to be listening! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below or call us during the morning show to give us your fun or mischievous ideas.

For the fun of it, here is a part of the Twitter thread from Kris's account earlier today: