Cheating on your girlfriend is a big no, no in the world of relationships, but when you cheat her on a computer game, I wouldn't suggest standing in the driveway trying to reason with your upset girlfriend because while she was in the bathroom you decided to cross her ox driven wagon across the river because YOU didn't think it was that deep, and then gave the entire family dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Enjoy that 2 year restraining order Charlie, I hope it was worth it.

A crazed woman ran over her boyfriend twice leaving him brain damaged because she thought he'd cheated her at a computer game.

Erin Slingsby, 20, ploughed into boyfriend Kane Charles as he stood in front of her car after she'd stormed out of his house in Doncaster after an argument over the video game.

Mr Charles, also 20, managed to drag himself to his feet, but as he staggered towards his home, Slingsby mowed him down a second time.


Source: DailyMail