Our judges have gone through nearly 100 entries to find the 5 best entries. Here they are, in no particular order. The rest is up to you! Please read each couples letter and vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page. The winner will be announced on the morning of 11/11/11. Good luck to all the couples and happy voting!

  • A

    Brenda and Brad

    He did it! He finally proposed!! On October 15th after I finished running my first marathon, he made an already great day AMAZING!! Brad and I have been together for what has been the best 4 years of our lives. 2 years ago we bought a house together, we have a beautiful 15 month old daughter, and now we get to start planning our wedding! We would love to win this package because this is exactly the wedding we dreamed of. A small intimate wedding on the shores of Lake Superior. I could go on and on and tell you how we need to win this because we don't have any money and work so hard blah, blah, blah. But, these days that is every ones story. What I am going to say is we deserve to win this package because we are in love. I don't care if we have to go down to the court house to get married, but it would be a dream come true to be able to share our special day with our friends and family. Thank you for this opportunity and cheers to love! Brenda and Brad

  • B

    Jana and Jason

    Jason and I have been together almost 8 years now. I can honestly say it has not been the easiest 8 years, but we have made it work, not given up, and been there for each other through the strugles these past years. He has been there for me when I have experienced loss, been through strugles within my family, when I have just about wanted to give up. I believe all in all it has made both of us understand faults, given us strength, realized every family has there ups and downs, and made our relationship stronger. We have wanted a wedding for a few years now, as neither of us have ever been married, but with our blended families money is tight,so we have always pushed it to the back burner, and given to our family first. We would really appreciate this wedding to get all of our friends and family together and finally see us make our life "official" to each other, and our children. This way we can continue to make more memories together. To us it would be like finally making everything become. "complete".

  • C

    Abbey and Nick

    To win the ultimate wedding, would be a dream come true! Nick and I got engaged 09/25/2011, he proposed the day he purchased the ring. Burned a hole in his pocket! Every Sunday we drive an hour to have game night and pizza with his grand parents and parents. I have grown to love this game as much as his 89 year old grandpa. He popped the question while setting up the peg game! We are ready to follow in his parents and grandparents footsteps in marriage for many many years. His parents just celebrated their 33rd Anniversary!! His grand parents have blown them out of the water as well! I knew he was the one the moment I re connected with him thru FACEBOOK! yes, FACEBOOK!! We talked for about a month and he helped me thru the hardest time of my life, while my mother was in the hospital for 44 long days. Winning this wedding would take the stress off of my family to hold up to the tradition of paying for the wedding. Which Nick and I have had a hard time answering the biggest question, the date, due to budget. With my mothers medical bills, unemployment, and disability it would not only be the second greatest miracle for me, but for my mother who will do her best to help me with my big day dreams! B105, please vote for Nick and I to win this amazing prize and help us start our married life together!

  • D

    Laura and Dave

    "I never considered myself the marrying kind

    But Dave came around & he changed my mind.

    We met through a friend, over a couple of beers

    And have dated off & on for nearly 5 years

    We both share a passion for being outdoors.

    And both have black pups, which we adore.

    I’m amused by the rhymes Dave‘s always makin,

    Which are usually about fish, cheeseburgers, or bacon!

    We fell for each other on our first fishing date

    And now we’re trying to net a wedding from Mix 108.

    Lake Kabetogama is where the question was popped.

    I saw the ring on my line & my heart nearly stopped.

    Dave refers to me as the “Catch of his Life”

    And I’m excited to become that fisherman’s wife.

    A wedding at Lutsen, overlooking the Lake

    Seems a fitting place for the vows that we’ll take.

    By taking photographs with LaCoursiere to boot

    We’ll capture a rare appearance of Dave in a suit

    Lord knows, I could use some help with my hair

    So, I’ll be thankful to be in Justin Paul’s care.

    As for choosing dessert, from How Sweet it is Cake

    It’s a decision that Dave will be excited to make!

    To have the help of a Sweet Pea planner by my side

    Would make me a calm, less-stressed out bride.

    So please choose us, if I may be so bold.

    We’ll be grateful to you til we’re saggy & old!

  • E

    Becky and Jeremy

    Jeremy and I met about three years ago. Friends introduced us because of a common thread: our love for the helping professions. At the time, we were both social work undergrads at the College of St. Scholastica. In good social work form, Jeremy had persistence and patience as he courted me. I'll admit I wasn't the easiest person to get to go out on a date.  But his old fashioned style and his tendency to always put others first really reeled me in. Since then, we've grown to find so many things that we have in common and how compatible we are together. So much so, that with or without a wedding we will spend the rest of our life together.

    As social workers, we both spend our days working for others, empowering others, encouraging others and worrying about others. The profession of social work is a lifestyle choice and one that some days (or even weeks) can leave us little time for ourselves or each other. It's changed our thought process so much that as we plan for our wedding, all we keep thinking about is how we can make it better for our family or for our friends, totally forgetting what this wedding is really about: celebrating the love of Jeremy and I. Winning this wedding package would really be a blessing. Having people set up a dream wedding for us would be phenomenal. It would allow us to have a stress free day where we could just focus on each other, which is the dream in itself. Please consider us for the 11/11/11 Wedding Giveaway.