Minnesota Vikings rusher and fan favorite Adrian Peterson appeared on a sports talk show yesterday, discussing topics like the his return from the devastating knee injury. During the interview, Adrian was asked about outspoken former Viking Chris Kluwe, when he made a remark some are viewing as controversial.

The interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio hosts Bruce Murray and Amani Toomer largely addressed Peterson's incredible return from a knee injury, including plans to surpass last year's high water mark and collect ownership of the single-season rushing record this year. Toward the end of the visit, AP was asked about former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's exit from the team and his activism in favor of gay rights and marriage equality. Peterson responded by saying (via Star Tribune):

To each his own. I’m not with it. But I have relatives that are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love them. But again, I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own.


I’m sure the Vikings organization did not release him based on that. They know Kluwe. They’ve been knowing him for a long time. And they know he’s outspoken. But it hurt me to see him leave. He was a good friend of mine and a really cool guy, man. Probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around, man. Different.

Peterson's remarks have some in the world of sports asking whether or not it was appropriate for him to interject his personal beliefs on the subject of gay marriage while responding to a question about a teammate's release. Others suggest there is nothing wrong with him offering an opinion on the subject. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below. You can hear the full interview below, with the Kluwe/gay marriage part of the interview at the 13:00 mark in the audio.

Hear Adrian Peterson Interview with Bruce Murray and Amani Toomer

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