Both Rihanna and Fifth Harmony have started off the year with big hits, but who says the word work more? Rihanna's 'Work' or Fifth Harmony's 'Work From Home'.

Both songs even feature rappers, apparently this will be the year of songs repeating words heavily so that certain word is stuck in your head FOREVER. I had to do some work for this one, but after listening to both songs multiple times and looking at the lyrics, here's the tally: Rihana's 'Work' - 79, Fifth Harmony's 'Work From Home' - 95, this blog - 8 (9 if you include the title).

So there you have it, Fifth Harmony says 'work' just a little bit more. Take notes, all you need for a hit this year is a catchy beat, a featured rapper, and saying one word over and over again. If you want to put in the work, you can check out both videos below and compare.