There was a buzz around the Metrodome as the Vikings played host to the Titans. Word spread that someone big in the NFL ranks was in the stands, and it turns out those rumors were correct.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in Minneapolis on Sunday, sitting in the stands, among the fans, taking in the matchup. So, why was he in town? Here's what he had to say.

I was invited a couple of months ago by the Minneapolis Business Partnership and I'm staying overnight and going to be meeting with them in the morning. I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity to come here and go to a Vikings game.

Goodell not only attended the game, but he mingled with fans - sitting in the stands, and meeting with those tailgating before the game. This is somewhat abnormal for the commissioner of a major professional  sport. When asked why he felt the need to surround himself with the fans, he had the following to say:

Well, I think it is important because what we do is for the fans. We have to work every day to earn their trust and to do everything possible to make the game better and they have a lot of good suggestions. The let you know about it, and that is good.

When asked how his experience among the fans has been, he offered the following:

They were great. They love the game. All they want to do is focus on the game of football. That's what we try to do is let them focus on the game of football and make it a better experience for them.

Goodell also commented on the potential of a Super Bowl being hosted in Minnesota, suggesting there was a possibility between the years of 2018 and 2020.