World of Fish has the largest variety of fresh and saltwater fish, corals, reptiles and amphibians. They're your one-stop shop for all things aquatic! Stop by 5211 Miller Trunk Hwy and visit the store or visit online at for hours and more information.

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    Jeanne Ryan's Pick

    Aquarium w/Light and Stand

    A smaller aquarium. 20 gallons and includes tank, light and stand. Can be used for fish, reptiles or amphibians $279

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    Nick Cooper's Pick

    Bearded Dragon Lizard.

    Bearded Dragon Lizard. Bearded dragons make excellent reptile pets. With one of the best temperaments of all lizards, they are generally docile, and many seem to actually enjoy being handled. They are diurnal (up during the day and sleep at night), which means you can watch them during the day.

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    Laura's Pick

    Entry Level Aquarium

    A great entry level aquarium. 47 gallons and includes filter, tank, light and stand and can be used for saltwater or freshwater $739

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    Tony Hart's Pick


    Clownfish were the first species of Saltwater fish to successfully be Tank-raised. Tank-raised fish are a better choice for aquarist, because wild-caught fish are more likely to die soon after purchasing them due to the stress of capture and shipping.

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    Hollie Austin's Pick


    This is North America ’s largest species with a broad flat head and a total length reaching up to 8 inches. These frogs have green backs with net like patterns of brown or gray. The underside is white with gray mottling and a yellow color on the chin and hind legs. The back legs are powerful and long; made for jumping large distances between 3 and 6 feet! Most bullfrogs will live 3-5 years.