MIX 108 and our sister stations from Townsquare Media are gearing up for the 2nd Annual Benna Ford Roush Superior Watercross Shootout at Barkers Island Festival Park August 16th and 17th. I had a chance to ask some questions with the main man himself Derek McPheeters.

Derek and many of the other racers are making quite the name for themselves in this heart pounding fast paced sport, and he was kind enough to take the time to give all the fans a little insight into this amazing sport! Below is a list of questions I asked Derek:

1.) How would someone get involved in the sport If they wanted to give it a try?


The best way to get involved and get info on starting out in watercross is to attend a race and talk to a racer or visit the IWA web site. People can find a how to guide or contact some racers.


2.) Do you guys need special permits If you are practicing on a lake or other body of water?


That can vary from state to state or county to county. It is best to contact your local sheriffs office for details.


3.) Do you have to do all the modifications yourself or are their places that can do them for you?


Most chassis modifications are done by individuals, and most motor modifications are done by aftermarket snowmobile shops. There are a few shops that can aid in chassis mods such as Bikeman Performance or Straightline Performance.


4.)How do you get the machines out of the water If you are racing but not at a competition?


If the pond is shallow enough a 4 wheeler or Side by side can drag a sunk sled out, but most people use a pontoon style retriever with a winch system.


5.)Do you guys do a lot of traveling for this sport? Do you compete outside the Midwest?


There is a lot of traveling in the Midwest, plus there are circuits on the East coast that some people race in. I personally have been to New Hampshire, New York, and Montana. We had a racer this last race come all the way from Sweden this year.


6.) Is this something that any of the racers do full time?


No not at this time, hopefully we can get to that level some day


7.) What do you need to do to acquire sponsorships?


That is tricky, basically sponsorship is like the advertising industry, you have to show a sponsor that for every dollar they give you, you can in turn make them equal or more money.


8.) How fast do the sleds go on a straight away?


The pro open sleds are reaching speeds of close to 80 mph in less than 600'


9.) Have you ever crashed into another racer?


Yes, luckily I have never been hurt real bad. My worst crash ever was with a racer at the Superior Shootout last year.


10.) Do you have to qualify for the Pro Circuit? Is there an amateur circuit for people to start?


You don't have to qualify but you can get forced to move into pro class if you do well enough in semi-pro. The IWA has classes for every skill level.


Thanks Derek for helping us know more about this really cool sport, make sure to get your tickets now to see these races in person!

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