After she had spent weeks being linked to Bradley Cooper, rumors have now surfaced that Jennifer Lopez is dating backup dancer Casper Smart. J-Lo’s romantic escapades have been front page tabloid fodder for years, so while we have our doubts this pairing will end with a trip down the aisle, we do think the relationship is great news for them and for us. Here’s why:

1. Hooking up with a backup dancer is a great idea. That whole marrying Cris Judd thing really worked out for Jennifer, don’t you think?

2. It’s great to see J-Lo has moved on from Marc Anthony. She can do better than some dude who looks way too much like Skeletor.

3. Prior to this couple, the most high-profile ‘American Idol’ romance came from judge Steven Tyler, who recently started a relationship with Super Poligrip.

4. Did you know Smart starred in ‘Honey 2?’ Clearly, he’s a perfect match for someone who starred in ‘Gigli.’

5. It’s nice to see someone named Casper in the news. Actually, has that ever happened when it isn’t followed by “the friendly ghost?”

6. They’ve already overcome the odds. They’re dating even though they don’t have a cool nickname. J-Cas just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

7. Dating a backup dancer never goes wrong when you’re a huge star. We learned that from Kevin Federline.

8. If Smart’s high school reunion is coming up soon he will have an awesome story to tell when his classmates ask what he’s doing now.

9. First, Cris Judd and now Casper Smart. It looks like Lopez thinks she can’t do better than a backup dancer. Maybe she has J-Lo self-esteem.

10. A backup dancer is dating arguably the most beautiful woman in the world. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess what he’s thankful for this holiday season.

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