Krystal Preston is a single mom living in Nevada with three kids and she has been struggling, but her fight to take care of her family has helped instill compassion and caring into her 13 year old son William. The last few weeks have been especially hard for her and her family as they had to basically start all over and had no vehicle on top of that. Krystal had to walk to wherever she needed to go.

William has been mowing lawns and doing yard work for people for years trying to save up some money. One day he saw video's on YouTube of people surprising their Moms with a car and he decided he wanted to do this for his Mom. He saw a post on Facebook from a woman who was selling her car a 1999 Chevrolet Metro, so he reached out to the woman and asked her if he could trade his X-box for the car and she said yes.

For anyone who knows anything about 13 year old boys I would dare say that this was one thing he owned that meant the world to him, and for him to be that selfless to help out his mom is truly inspiring. Needless to say when William presented his mom with the car she was in total shock and balled her eyes out. William you are truly a great young man, and you have lots of people all over the world who are very proud of you as well. For more on this story Click Here

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