Superior, Wisconsin might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of celebrity sightings but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen! There are a ton of celebrities from Wisconsin.

There are also a few celebrities from Minnesota, including in Northern Minnesota. A few examples of this include Chris Pratt, who hails from Virginia. Jessica Biel was also born and raised in Ely, which is pretty cool. You never know who may return to their roots!

Plus, there has been a bunch of stuff filming in Minnesota lately it seems. A movie with Lily Rabe and Vanessa Hudgens was shot in Minneapolis this year and a horror film was also filmed right here in Duluth!

There is really no shortage of celebrities that used to call both Minnesota and Wisconsin home! From Oscar winners to iconic members of Hollywood to actors from your favorite sitcoms, the midwest is responsible for a whole lot of talent.

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Because of this, you just never know who you could run into! A big fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine happened to run into one of the show's lead actors on campus in Duluth. See what I mean?

So who might you run into while over the bridge in Superior? Here are twenty celebrities that you might bump into while out and about. (In your dreams or in real life!)

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