Mother's Day is coming up and to make it the best day yet, get the kids involved to make it an even more special day. Here's a list of 5 things to help.


  • Cara-Foto

    Breakfast In Bed

    What better way to wake up then have breakfast right away in the comfort of your own bed. I know my kids love to help cook and I'm sure yours will too if you tell them it's for mom. Have them carry it to mom for a breakfast surprise she'll love.

  • Nik Merkulov
    Nik Merkulov

    Spa Day

    Turn your home into a spa. Teach the kids how to give a massage or even make some homemade facial or bath salts and help them pamper mom with a nice little spa day that she doesn't even have to leave the house for!

  • Jaimie Duplass
    Jaimie Duplass

    Arts and Crafts

    This can be anywhere from homemade necklaces with colorful beads to paintings using hands and feet. This year I'll be having the girls dip their hands in safe to use paint which they will make a heart with their hands on construction paper with the saying "our heart belongs to mom".

  • Tom Tomczyk
    Tom Tomczyk


    Pick up some chocolate chips and pretzel sticks. Melt down the chips and have the kids dip the pretzels in chocolate and have them create words like "love" and "mom" with the chocolate pretzels. Or grab her favorite fruits like strawberries or cherries and have the kids dip those bad boys in the melted chocolate.

  • Brian McEntire
    Brian McEntire

    Leave The House For Some Mom Alone Time

    Sometimes all a mom needs is peace and quiet. Of course it doesn't have to be for the whole day, but maybe take the kids out of the house for a few hours and let mom rest for a bit.

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