Duluth is a little big town so I'm always prepared when people from bigger cities or smaller ones come to me with the strangest questions about the Northland. 
Some people know a lot about Duluth and others don't. So I decided to gather up all the weirdest and dumb questions I've been asked about our beautiful city.


  • It Doesn't Snow That Much In Duluth, Right?

    I get this one all the time, because people think we exaggerate. Have you not seen pictures of our winters or heard about snowstorms and the Halloween blizzard of '91? Does it snow all year long? No, but it does snow for about 6 months of the year if not sometimes a little more. According to the National Weather Service, Duluth gets an average of 86.1 inches of snow per year.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
  • Does It Really Get That Cold Up There?

    Refer to the snow question above. Winter is our longest month, so yeah, it gets pretty cold in Duluth.

  • Do People Talk Like They Do In The Movie & TV Show 'Fargo'?

    They question is as frequently asked as the snow one. Unless you're talking to my grandma who lives on the Iron Range, no we do not talk like they do in 'Fargo'. I've never seen a more over exaggeration on the Minnesota accent then you see in 'Fargo'. It's also the reason I don't watch it, can't stand the accent.


    Movie Clips Trailer Vault via YouTube
  • How Do People Drive On All The Hills?

    I know this sounds crazy, but you get into your car, turn it on, and put your foot on the gas. It really does sound crazy, but I promise you it works.

  • If You're On The Top Level In Enger Tower Can You See The Bottom Of Lake Superior?

    I have never been at a loss of words from a question before. I went to Chicago on a chemistry field trip in high school and a people stopped our tour guide at the museum to ask our group. My response was simple: You should go to Duluth and check it out for yourself. They sounded excited and now I'm wondering if they ever did it.

    Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth