For all of you still trying to recover form being single this past Valentines Day, online dating may for you. I am in a great relationship and have been for going on 7 years, but in my single days I never had the guts or really desire to take the plunge online. But,  If you feel so inclined our friends at E-Harmony and Time magazine have compiled a list of 5 phrases never to use in your profile. Now I took it upon myself to describe what they mean by these phrases.

5) "Down to earth"-What exactly does that mean? You are a nature lover? You are kind and considerate? You are a good listener or maybe you are not from outer space. Either way, overused and to broad.

4) "I love to laugh"- That is just plain dumb. Who does not love to laugh? Better yet throw them a curve ball and write Love to pout, that will get you some potential dates!

3) "I just want a nice guy"-Jerks need not apply. Even though it seems to be a rumor that most women like a bad boy, nobody really wants to deal with that drama. Nice guys do finish first on occasion.

2) "I love life"- Again who doesn't? Way to broad of a description, does this mean you are adventurous? Like to travel, are a bit of a Nomad? Details people.

1) "I can't believe I am doing this"- My favorite of the bunch. Way to make other people feel bad that they are trying to meet someone on-line by basically shaming them into checking out your profile. If you don't feel comfortable putting yourself out there, do everyone a favor and go hit the bars or grocery store to meet your future mate!


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