While driving off my normal route due to a detour from the 35 mega project, I noticed an extremely steep street and it inspired me to do some research and find the steepest streets in Duluth.

My research turned out to be a piece of cake thanks to Bill Bergstrom, Senior Engineering Specialist with the City of Duluth, he hooked me up with all the information I needed to start my quest.  Keep in mind that Spirit Mountain has a grade of 16.25% from top to bottom, all these streets are significantly more than that!

  • 1

    5th Ave W between 5th and 6th St.


    Unfortunately a picture can't capture how steep these streets really are, in the corner of each picture you'll notice a Angle Locator, this device measures the street in degrees vs. grade (more info about these calculations). This is our steepest street on the list, it's only 6% from making the top 10 steepest streets in America.

    When I parked to get pictures my car stalled from not being able to get gas, I also slipped on some gravel and slipped liked I was walking on ice, speaking of I can't imagine these roads with a little snow and ice on them.

  • 2

    19th Ave W between Piedmont frontage and 4th St.


    Almost as steep as the number 1, 19th Ave. W is 20% away from being the steepest road in the country, which is Waipio Rd. in Hawaii.

  • 3

    4th St from Piedmont Ave easterly


    This is the road I saw that inspired this list, while not the steepest road in Duluth, it still makes the list.

  • 4

    18 1/2 Ave W between 3rd and 4th St.

  • 5

    19 1/2 Ave W between 3rd and 4th St.


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