Let's be honest - we all made resolutions for 2020 and we all need all the help we can get to stick with them!

It takes about a month to make something a habit which means January is the tough month and then it is smooth sailing! To help you accomplish your goals and kick butt with your goals this year, I did a little digging to find different items that will help you make this your most successful year yet.

I took the most common resolutions into consideration here so there is probably a little something to help everybody, no matter your goals this year. Here are 5 items to help you do just that:

This is like an Apple Watch or Fitbit but for a little bit less money. This fitness tracker includes a heart rate monitor and counts calories, among other things. This watch rings in at less than 25 bucks and has a five-star rating on Amazon. This will help you kill your resolution of working out more while also keeping with your resolution of being financially savvy this year!

None of us really drink all the water we are supposed to, right? Well, break that habit in 2020! This fun journal tracks your hydration in an easy way. It features a checklist and also a place for you to take notes. This will make it easier than ever for you to kill your resolution! And it's just under seven dollars.

Eating healthier is one of the most common resolutions we make each year and 2020 is no different. It's never easy though with how busy life can be. That's why this cookbook is the perfect item to help you take on the task! It includes simple recipes made of only five ingredients. It is highly-rated on Amazon and makes cooking as simple as can be for busy weeks. Twelve bucks will help you save tons of money on groceries in the future.

2020 is the perfect time to start anew when it comes to your finances but the task can seem very daunting at times. Dave Ramsey can help! His best-selling book will help you take on any debt you may have while also setting you up for financial success for the future. You can't put a price on that - or maybe you can. The book is just twelve bucks which makes it a great investment!

Read more and watch television less! This is also a common resolution and this fun piece of tech will help you achieve it. A Kindle makes it easy for you to read anywhere - the bus, the gym or on your couch! It makes reading fun and that will only benefit you when it comes to hitting you resolution this year, plus it's just fifty bucks.

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