We all know that this winter has been far from normal with the first significant snowfall happening today ironically enough on December 16th. I am not a fan of the cold or snow, but obviously something you have to deal with living in Northern Minnesota, but in the event of little or no snow like below the hill, I have compiled a list of things to do to still enjoy the outdoors.


  • 1

    Fat Biking

    Fat Bikes have become extremely popular in the area with people of all ages jumping on board. They are a very sturdy bike with fat very thick tires. These bikes are ideal for trails and can be ridden in the snow. Local Fat Bike enthusiasts have said that even with no snow with some of the trails being frozen solid they are able to fat bike in certain areas that you can't navigate in the warmer months. Fat Bikes are available in many local bike shops which would probably be your best bet to get fitted to one that will suit your needs.

  • 2

    Fishing from Shore or Dock

    Ice fishing is out of the question at this point unless you are trolling a pond. So head down to your favorite watering hole and cast a line. If your dock is still in the water, drop that line and get some fish.

  • 3

    Ice Skate Indoors

    All through the winter season their are a few places that offer a open ice skate time for young and old. This is a great family adventure if you or your kids are not involved in some type of formal league. Duluth Heritage and Sports Center, Mars Lakeview Arena, Fryburger Arena, and even the DECC will have special open skate events.

  • 4

    Tour Enger Tower and Grounds

    Enger Tower is famous for it's breathtaking views, foliage and of course the Tower itself, but it also a great place to go in the winter when we don't have feet of snow on the ground. Plus you can get even better views with the trees being bare.

  • 5

    Take a Stroll on Park Point

    Plenty of parking, the sand is hard and cool so it is way easier to walk on, and the waves are usually pretty spectacular as the winter wind blows. You may not want to sit down and have a picnic, but makes for a beautiful walk with the dog or with family and friends.