It's been awhile since Guy Fieri visited the frozen tundra we call home, so I decided to do a Northland recap on one of my favorite shows. 

My two favorite things when watching this show: I get super hungry and want to take a food eating road trip. Here are the Northland restaurants that Guy has visited:


  • 1

    Anchor Bar (Superior)

    Nestled on Tower Avenue is a local favorite, the Anchor bar. The popular burger joint featured the Olive Burger on Triple D.

  • 2

    At Sarah's Table Chester Creek Cafe (Duluth)

  • 3

    Duluth Grill (Duluth)

    Located in West End Duluth, the Duluth Grill is the spot to go for homemade comfort food. One of their featured dishes was the pot roast.

  • 4

    Gannucci's Italian Market (Duluth)

    In the heart of West Duluth is where you will find Gannucci's homemade Italian dishes for carry out or dinning in. Their famous lasagna was highlighted in this episode of Triple D.

  • 5

    Gordy's Hi-Hat (Cloquet)

    A road trip must for my family has always been Gordy's Hi-Hat every summer. The featured dish was of cpurse their old-school style burgers, like the double.


  • 6

    Kounty Quarthouse (South Range)

    Located in South Range Wisconsin is the Kounty Quarthouse, where another good road trip meal awaits you. The chipolte brisket was the feature in this clip.

  • 7

    Northern Waters Smoke Haus (Duluth)

    Located in Canal, Northern Waters makes smoked fish fanatics (like myself) mouth's water. The featured dish they had Guy try was the Pastrami Mommy sandwich made with bison pastrami.


  • 8

    Pak's Green Corner (Duluth)

    Unfortunately the location where Pak's used to be is now a bank, but there will always be memories of Pak and her thai comfort food. The featured item in this clip was the thai pad burrito.

  • 9

    Shorty's Pizza & Smoked Meats (Superior)

    Another place on Tower Ave and inspired by Montreal's smoked meats, is Shorty's Pizza & Smoked Meats. The featured item was the secret menu item, the hunter's chicken.

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