You know that all of us in the Midwest have been through a long winter when you see some College students laying in the grass on campus and you think they may be dead. Look up in the sky, what is that? Oh it's the sun, and these people are sunbathing!

I can see maybe some cause for concern when you see a group of people fully clothed all laying in the grass, but when you are on a college campus and the sun is out, they are kicking back and enjoying the nice weather.

For many students who live in a dorm or grungy apartment you usually don't have a nice deck or patio to lay out on, so you make the best of where you are at. Now that I think about that, I remember seeing people sprawled all over the place and I never gave it a second thought.

Just wait when it really starts getting warm, it will be people sprawled out everywhere in swim suits!