An unknown 30 year old woman was injured yesterday after she attempted to cliff jump at the The Deeps in Lester Park.

For many Duluth residents they are familiar with The Deeps which is a natural water basin from the Lester River surrounded by steep cliffs. Many adults have swam or jumped themselves when they were younger, and over the years countless people have been injured and even drown.

According to Duluth Fire Assistant Chief Dennis Edwards. three Duluth Fire companies responded to the scene about 5:45pm last night, and they had to use a low angle rope rescue to get her out of the river. Being someone who lives in Lester Park, we have gone around and around with our own children about the dangers of swimming there. One of our sons actually had a good friend drown at The Deeps a few years ago after he jumped in the water after a big storm, which had  caused the water to be rushing downstream into Lake Superior.

The city of Duluth does have a sign warning people of the dangers and  not to jump, but  kids and adults continue to do it.  Our kids even now as teenagers are not allowed to go to The Deeps it is a very dangerous place for the people jumping and even down below since they are vulnerable for someone to land on them.

Every time I hear a fire truck go by in the summer, I immediately think they are headed to The Deeps. As a parent we can warn our kids over and over, but ultimately they may decide to swim there anyway. If you have never been, check out the video below to see just how high up these people are jumping from.


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