Who doesn't love some sweet, rich, Canadian Maple Syrup? Well, unless the cans are full of pot instead of syrup. Two people from Canada entering Pigeon River Port in the eastern most part of Minnesota, learned the hard way what will happen when you get caught.

A quick thinking Border Patrol agent did a search of their vehicle once they fessed up that they had a few marijuana joints on them, only to find cans of maple syrup. The cans themselves were not suspicious, but when he picked them up he noticed they were awfully light.

Busted! Each  of the cans contained a little less than1 pound bag of the illegal weed. One of the passengers in the vehicle pled guilty and was sent back to Canada. Cook County Sheriff Pat Eliasen had said that this was better than some of the other ways he has seen people try to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Take off 'eh.

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