Nineteen-year-old Emmanuel Davis is in custody facing charges for the murder of a man he brutally attacked on March 6. He was apprehended a few weeks later, but more has now come out about the crime and it is not only disturbing, but his behavior during and after the attack has people wondering how someone could be so incredibly cruel.

According to the criminal complaint, it is believed that Davis used his girlfriend to lure the victim to the scene of the crime.  The way the police found out about the crime was actually through the victim's family who said they were sent a video of their loved one being violently attacked.

In the video, police say they can see a man standing over the victim who is already unconscious when a man reaches down and removes a cell phone from the victim's pocket. The man then starts stomping on the victim kicking him in the head and neck as he lay unconscious on the ground. During the beating, a woman's voice can be heard in the background laughing.

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The video was then posted to the victim's Facebook page! After calling around to area hospitals they were able to track down the victim who died from his injuries days later. Police say Davis was tagged in the video that was posted on the victim's Facebook page.

Davis has admitted to the police that he attacked the victim and stole his cell phone. He went on to say that he sent the video to the victim's friends and family to mess with them. He is now facing murder charges which may be heightened due to the cruelty shown to the victim and his family. For more on this story click here.

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