A new bipartisan bill was introduced to the Minnesota Legislature this week that would ban the sale of dogs and cats from commercial breeders then sold through pet stores. Having 3 of our 4 animals all adopted from Animal Allies and our one dog we bought directly from a breeder who was a friend, I am a huge advocate of this bill.

If this bill passes pet stores would only be allowed to host adoption events with animal shelters and rescue organizations. Kathy Mock, chief government affairs officer for the Animal Humane Society said the following to KSTP.com  “People that buy some of these animals are from some of the breeders, sometimes the animals are sick, they are costly — it's heartbreaking. All breeders aren't bad — I mean there are certainly good breeders. Good breeders don't sell to pet stores, they interact directly with consumers."

If the bill passes, any pet stores will be subject to a civil fine of $1,000 for every violation. If you are interested in getting a cat or dog please go to your local animal shelter and look there first. These animals have not done anything wrong and deserve a second chance to have a loving home. #Adoptdon'tshop

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